International Adventure Travel within Budget Range

Travelling to different locations is a once in a lifetime experience that fundamentally transforms us and not only relaxes our minds but souls too. By taking a break from the daily life, unplugging from the pulls and pushes of technology and engaging in activities in new places allows the mind to get away for a while and allows creating memories. However, the fact that when it comes to international travel, the first factor that hinders all our plan is the budget. Most of the times budget exceeds the limit and we end up dropping our travel plans.

  • Book the cheapest flights

The cost of the flight ticket to your destination can take up a big slice of your travel budget. However, you can save money by using different search engines to find the cheapest fare and book the flight as early as possible. If you book closer to the date of departure, eventually you will end up paying more. Plus fare prices surge if booking from Friday to Sunday, so try checking out prices earlier on a weekday. Certain flight search websites are also more efficient than others depending on which part of the world you are travelling to, so use few different ones to compare prices and don’t forget to sign up to get notifications for the lowest deals available.

  • Travel off-season

When travelling during the busy summer months or holiday season, you end up paying more for the accommodation. So, try planning a trip in should season, the period just between high season and the kind of weather that hampers your travel plans. Doing this will help you find affordable accommodation with greater flexibility to book as you go, reasonable tour packages, car rental and activity prices. You will also witness fewer crowds which will make your experience a memorable one.

  • Pack light and avoid airline fees

Nothing is worse than lugging a heavy suitcase on cobblestone streets and up flights of stairs to the accommodation. You end up paying baggage fees that is equal to one fourth the price of your budget flight. This money you could have spent on a glacier hike in Iceland, zip lining adventure in New Zealand or rock climbing in Thailand. So, don’t make this mistake, be smart and travel light to avoid unnecessary airline luggage fees and zip through airports quickly. The key to packing light is carrying clothes in neutral and solid colours that can be mixed and matched to create a variety of looks to suit different occasions. This also applies to shoes as well, carry comfortable walking shoes, hiking shoes and a nice pair to wear on formal evenings. Don’t just pack everything, as you can buy locally at a price far lower than what you’d pay to the airline for excess baggage or an extra bag.

The above-mentioned tips will help you plan your international adventure within the specified budget. Happy Travelling.